Friday, February 23, 2007

Anglo-centric Reading Lists

I read Nick Hornby's Fever Pitch after finishing Line of Beauty and now reading Mark Haddon's A Spot of Bother. Not sure what has come over me, but everything I pick up to read these days seems to be from the British Isles. Kate Atkinson, Flann O'Brien were in the list recently. And I keep picking up The Power and the Glory--I haven't read it since high school and I remember almost nothing about it (it's really hot and there's a priest, right?). I realized it was getting to be a problem when I started getting cravings for tea and cookies around three each afternoon, except I mentally referred to the cookies as biscuits and quietly lamented the fact that we didn't have the equipment to make "proper" tea. Once I began attempting a North London accent, my wife decided she had to put an end to the nonsense and made me sit down with some football (American football!) videos until I snapped out of it.

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